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Wonder Arms

Wonder Arms

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Get your Wonder Arms just minutes a DAY!

The secret is the dynamic resistance movement that targets all of your trouble areas, even stubborn flabby skin. It's so much easier and effective than push ups and free weights, and the best part is, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home!

Product Features: 

★ Work for firming the body parts like Biceps, Shoulders, Triceps, Chest!

★ Get amazing results at home - fit & firm arms in minutes a Day

★ Unique dynamic resistance movement shapes, tightens & tones hard to reach areas

★ Burn calories while you work your triceps, biceps, shoulders, chest, back & more

★ Perfect for all fitness levels and age groups

★ Instant results with no joint strain! No more push-ups

Product Description: 

★ Step 1 - Swing outer arms up into open position.

★ Step 2 - Choose a Resistance Band based on your skill level.

★ Step 3 - Insert Resistance Band into Resistance Band Slots, being sure band is securely in place and laying flat.

★ Step 4 - To use, grad Hand Grips and place Arm Rests on your forearms.

★ Step 5 - When done, fold Wonder Arms into closed position and store away until ready to use again.


Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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