CRAZY SALE! FINAL DAY BEFORE THE PRICE GOES BACK UP TO FULL!  Do you find it hard to sleep fresh and comfortable in summer? Are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night because you are feeling hot or cold? Get the Luxury European Silk Set and discover how easy it is to achieve a good night sleep all summer long and have the top class bedroom you always wanted! The dream of having beautiful, stylish and comfortable sheets will come true with the Luxury European Silk Set, it’s everything you have been looking for to get that sophisticated bedroom! The breathable texture of 100% silk will regulate your body temperature and help you enjoy a peaceful night's sleep. The Luxury European Silk Set will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Put them over your bed to add instant, exquisite style to the room. FEATURES: REVOLUTIONARY TEMPERATURE REGULATION - The breathability and heat insulating properties of the Luxury European Silk Set will keep you fresh in summer and warm in winter. Enjoy a good night's sleep without worrying about feeling uncomfortable. SOFT TEXTURE - The Luxury European Silk Set is made by 100% silk which will bring a refreshing and soft feeling that you have never experienced before. After a busy day, when you lie in bed, the nice texture will give you a touch of luxury and a comfortable sleep night after night. TOP QUALITY PILLOWCASES - The pillowcases reduce hair breakage, minimize the appearance of wrinkles and retain moisture in skin and hair. You'll notice health improvement with just weeks of usage.  ANTI ALLERGIC - The high quality material is hypoallergenic and helps to eliminate allergies and asthma. It repels various environmental allergens, including dust mites, molds, bedbugs and bacteria. LUXURY DESIGN - With the Luxury European Silk Set you'll get the elegant room you've always wanted. Feel comfortable and stylish with the luxury design of this set. Suitable for all ages, the sheets and pillowcases are the perfect touch your home is missing! PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Twin: 1 x Fitted Sheet 1 x Flat Sheet 1 x Pillowcase  Full & Queen & King: 1 x Fitted Sheet 1 x Flat Sheet 2 x Pillowcases     
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CRAZY SALE! FINAL DAY BEFORE THE PRICE GOES BACK UP TO $79.99! Tired of struggling with dry feet, bad circulation and never being able to clean your feet correctly? Use the Deluxe Silicone Mat and discover how quick and simple it is to deep clean your feet, remove dead skin and get rid of calluses. Having a good circulation is key for a healthy life. The Deluxe Silicone Mat fits perfectly in any bathroom, avoids slips and improves foot and leg circulation with massage that will make you happier and healthier. Never worry again about not being able to correctly clean your feet!  FEATURES: FOOT CARE CLEANING MASSAGER - The Deluxe mat features thousand massage bristles for the ultimate refreshing brush action. It revitalizes your feet by removing dead skin and cleaning soapy feet in depth, including the often forgotten areas between the toes.    FOOT CIRCULATION AND HEALTHY CLEANING - With the Deluxe Mat the blood circulation gets highly improved giving you the energy that you need to start your day the right way! The mat stimulates blood flow to the feet and produces a feeling of wellbeing and health. It rejuvenates, softens and prevents dry callused feet as well as other foot ailments like Athlete’s Foot. POWERFUL SUCTION - The back of the mat features a strong suction cup that avoids it from ever moving. This makes it easier to clean your feet and it also prevents slippage to happen ever again. The Deluxe Silicone Mat will help you to be more independent and safe!    EASY TO USE - This feet mat is really easy to use, and it is especially recommended for people with hip and back problems. It can be used in the shower or bathtub sticking perfectly to floors and walls. If you want to have the full cleansing experience get a second Deluxe Silicone Mat as a back massager. Exfoliate and get a smooth skin in your back and feet at the same time! The mat is suitable for the whole family, it is easy to clean and to storage.  DURABLE MATERIALS - The Deluxe Silicone Mat is made of the highest quality materials that will last for years. It is flexible, soft and elastic without ever deforming. The Mat has multiple draining holes and is long and soft to clean your feet with the comfort you need.  PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Material: High Quality Food-grade Silicone Gel Size: 55 cm in Diameter Weight: 320g   PACKAGE CONTAINS: 1 x Deluxe Silicone Mat
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A Silicone Shower Organizer That Sticks To Your Wall
A Silicone Shower Organizer That Sticks To Your Wall $19.99 $39.99
Shower organizers can be hit or miss. Sometimes they're clunky or bulky, other times they don't really stay where they're supposed to, and so on. You know what I'm talking about. We've all been through this many times. You want to maximize space in the shower, but you just have to find the right product. Well, I just found it for you. Tooletries is a silicone shower organizer that sticks to your wall.
Gorilla Grip Silicone Mat
Gorilla Grip Silicone Mat $40.00
Get the best for your bath! Combine exfoliating, massage and anti-slip functions Environmental protection, safety, non-toxic, no smell
'--[BUY 2+ & GET FREE SHIPPING] --The Ultimate Drain Plug
'--[BUY 2+ & GET FREE SHIPPING] --The Ultimate Drain Plug from $9.95 $21.99
[BUY 2+ & GET FREE SHIPPING]  NO ONE WANTS TO EXPERIENCE A BLOCKED UP PIPE!... ESPECIALLY IN THE SHOWER. Save a lot of money on nasty chemicals you normally have to put down sinks and bath plug holes to clear the drain away pipes after they become clogged with hair! This Plug stops hair and other various things from slipping into the drain that would cause it to get backed up! Keep Hair and other things from going down your drain Made from a soft-flexible silicone to assure longevity  Multiple color ways to match your decor The Magic Anti-Hair Stopper is made from a soft-flexible silicone rubber material, creating a suction when it is placed in the drain.   THE ULTIMATE DRAIN STOPPER, STRAINER AND PLUG! One touch up and acts as a strainer for tub or sink One touch down and acts as a stopper for tub or sink WARNING: ITEM IS NOT SOLD IN STORES! UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention, we're running extremely low on these, so hurry and order before it's all gone.  
Buckle Free Adjustable Belt - UP TO 70% OFF LAST DAY PROMOTION!
Buckle Free Adjustable Belt - UP TO 70% OFF LAST DAY PROMOTION! from $14.95 $29.99
THE #1 WOMEN-RECOMMENDED BELT FOR LOOKING YOUR BEST Do you have problem finding the right belt? Look no further, the Magic Belt is your answer. You´ll never have a hassle, no curb and no buckle bulge. Nothing to fiddle with buttoning and unbuttoning your pants. Just snap on once and forget you're wearing a belt while looking good Leave the Magic Belt on your go-to pairs of pants and don´t even think about putting on belts - peed up your morning routines! MAKES LIFE EASIER: Never fiddle with the buckle. Snap on once and forget you're wearing a belt all day. Hassle-free dressing, time-saver for bathroom breaks! The belt is suitable for waist sizes from 25.5" (65cm) to 43" (110cm). INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE: The elastic strap breathes with you. No buckle pressing into your stomach. No need to adjust when you sit down, even after a big meal. Always keeps your pants in place. SLIM, MINIMAL LOOK: Eliminates the bulky buckle bulge and awkward flap on the side. Very low-profile. Beautifully simple. EXCELLENT QUALITY: Custom-made, highest quality elastic weave for great support. Individual handmade craftsmanship. You’ll be impressed! GREAT FOR EVERYONE: For men and women of ALL SIZES. For school, work, all jobs and activities. For anyone who wants to stop hassling with buckles. For people with special needs and seniors.     Feel the freedom with the amazing Magic Belt! Never fiddle with your buckle again... The Magic Belt provides the most comfortable support ever! It is highly elastic, and you will not even feel its presence. Suitable for especially for seniors and adults with special needs. You will finally breathe! No more annoying buckles...
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This motion sensor toilet bowl led night light is a must have for the modern home. No more having to turn on your bathroom's bright light when nature calls. With this toilet bowl led night light you will be have instant light guiding you towards your desired destination.  Features: LED slips snugly under the lip of your toilet Cycles between 8 different colors Rotating or fixed color scheme Provides illumination during late-night bathroom breaks MOTION DETECTION Turns on when you’re near, off when you leave Helps you save energy GOOD TO KNOW Soft, flexible PVC neck Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) Product dimensions: 2.7’‘x2.5’‘x1’’ Retail: $50 NOW: $19.94 (Limited time only)Click "Add To Cart" To Get Yours Now! DELIVERY & TRACKING:Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. Our products come from warehouses abroad and may take a time to arrive.You will be provided with a tracking number via e-mail after your purchase.
Natural Multi Purpose Cleaner & Polisher
Natural Multi Purpose Cleaner & Polisher from $19.95 $39.99
Looking for a magic cleaner that are free of harmful chemicals but can still rid your kitchen of bacteria and germs? This Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Polisher can turn any surface alive! This Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Polish cleans, polishes and protects any surface. Its cleaning action is amazing and allows the user to effectively clean any surface and bring back the shine of any metal. It does not scratch the surfaces it cleans and leaves a protective coat on them to prevent more dirt from sticking to them.  Multi-Purpose Magic Cleaner is only made from natural products, partly made of clay while being effective on any surface without a scratch. Can be used inside and outside the house. Like metal, mirrors, ceramics, porcelain, marble, wood, clean stainless steel, silverware, jewelry, glass shower doors, glass stove tops or even car wheels. Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Polisher is the ultimate natural solution to clean everything, without the drawbacks of other detergents: no phosphates, no chemicals. Made from natural ingredients exclusively, it is an environmentally-friendly cleaning product since it is entirely biodegradable. Plus, its use is enjoyable and it does not irritate the skin.   FEATURES: Harmless while cleaning naturally.  Non-toxic for the hands. Restores surfaces to like-new appearance. Leaves a refreshing and non-agressive fragrance. Harmless while cleaning naturally. Leaves a refreshing and non-aggressive lemon fragrance. Multi-purpose Cleaner cleans effectively, polishes and protects any surface. SPECIFICATIONS: Weight: 330g Composition: Clay, Water, Vegetal oil, Vegetal soap, Vegetal glycerin, Lemon fragrance.   Extremely high demand: expect 2-4 weeks for it to arrive ( to be safe).